I want you to have sex with Sage

I want you to have sex with Sage

Not literally. She’s so into sex she’s researching it, specifically as it relates to you and other young adults with cancer. You can help.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to head to Camp Mak-a-Dream (CMD) in Montana to speak and be a peer facilitator. It was an awesome experience where I made some great friends and met a ton of incredible people. CMD host at least two programs for young adults with cancer that I’m aware of. You can check them out on Facebook.

One of the other facilitators was Sage Bolte, a professional counsellor who focused on sexuality and intimacy. I sat in on Sage’s full group presentation, and it was awesome. Her talk actually opened my eyes to seeing the difference between sex and intimacy in a way I never had before.

After Sage’s talk, she fielded questions, and there were lots of questions. She openly addressed everything that came up. I could tell very quickly that if you had struggled with any kind of sex/intimacy challenge, having someone as open, inviting, and informed as Sage would be a huge benefit.

On a personal note, Sage and I totally connected and have stayed friends since the CMD conference in 2006. Both of our lives have changed dramatically with the growth of our families. However, even as a new mom, Sage has continued her work with and for young adults with cancer. She is conducting research for her PhD and has a very important survey that will help her help more young adults as it relates to their sexuality and how our systems deal with that issue since many of them don’t currently deal with it.

I hope you will take the time to help out this super cool lady who is making a big time effort to help us.

Hit the survey here: www.sexualselfandcancer.com or at vovici.com/wsb.dll/s/15326g3c37c

Keep up the great work, Sage, and thanks for your help, everyone.

Live life. Love life.


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