Improving YACC’s customer service

Improving YACC’s customer service

Have you ever called an organization to get information on one of their biggest events or programs and the person on the phone couldn’t help you? Did you ever feel this is very strange? Like going to the drive thru at McDonald’s and having to go through three people just to order a Big Mac?

Well, we realized a little while ago that the same situation could happen here. Being a national charity with limited resources (there are seven of us in the office) we are sometimes focused so hard on our own “department” that we get stuck. The phone will ring, a survivor will be on the other end looking for information on Retreat Yourself, and I may not be able to answer the question.

While this is bound to happen, I should at least be able to tell you the date, location, criteria, etc.

So we are trying to implement a new process here at YACC. Before each event is launched, the individual responsible for the event is to write up a simple Internal FAQ for all of the office staff.

Now I am not promising that I will be able to answer every question you may throw my way, but I am saying that we are taking a proactive approach to this and hopefully we will be able to answer the basics.

We are growing. With that comes growing pains (any Kirk Cameron fans out there?) but we are trying and with customer service as a major focus; hopefully your experiences with us will continue to improve.

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