It’s almost time to Climb!

It’s almost time to Climb!

We are already well on our way to making the 2016 Climb another unforgettable event with over 100 people signed up to Climb in five Canadian cities and over $16,000 raised so far! High five!

Now is a great time to invite your friends, roommates, coworkers, family members, and neighbours to join you on September 25! We also expect to see a lot of creativity as we head into the final few fundraising days; here’s a sample of some amazing ideas we’ve seen so far:

  • Sharing a hilarious photo from your youth online for every donation you receive;
  • Delivering cookies or muffins to those who donated toward your efforts;
  • Offering a couple of hours of babysitting, lawn maintenance, grocery shopping, etc. to those who donate;
  • Holding a yard sale to turn your trash into life-changing treasure;
  • Pledging to sport a ridiculous (and potentially uncomfortable) outfit if your fundraising goal is met.

Funds raised through the Climb will help us offer digital, social, and professionally facilitated programs to support young adults as they live with, through, and beyond cancer. To be the connection to peers, bridge out of isolation, and source of inspiration. Any cancer, any stage, YACC’s got their backs.

And we couldn’t do that if you didn’t have ours.

If you haven’t yet, take three minutes to watch the video above and learn more about Joan and Justin Frampton, two top-notch YACCers we just met when Justin was diagnosed with glioblastoma last February, and why they’re so pumped up for this year’s event.

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