Launch times three

Launch times three

Launch of Localife, launch of Young Adult Cancer Canada’s (YACC) West Coast presence in Calgary, and a milestone for young adults that will be revealed in a few days, combine to make these past several weeks full of giant steps forward for Young Adult Cancer Canada and young adults with cancer in Canada.

Localife is a pilot program which will provide opportunities for young adult survivors and their supporters to access a community of their peers at fun, engaging, social events. Saturday’s Halloween party is the next event following the program’s launch five weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, YACC officially kicked off our west coast presence in Calgary with a double shot of Wrong Way to Hope screenings. The awesome film about young adults and cancer highlights YACC’s purpose perfectly. In addition to more than 300 people who got an inside look at the issues facing young adults with cancer, dozens and dozens of new survivors have now found YACC’s community.

The third launch is a secret I have promised to keep for now. I will share it soon.

All these milestones have reinforced the need for a return of focus to YACC’s #2 strategic goal: sustainability.

While it is the second of two, it is truly #1 in the long run. If we master sustainability, “all our dreams will come true.” When I talk of sustainability, I think of it in every facet of YACC’s operations. I’ve been talking about it a lot lately regarding our partnerships with individuals, organizations, and donors. It is our goal to have these partnerships be sustainable, which for me means everyone feels like they are winning.

From Cancer Club, a Calgary support group headed by YACC alumnus and super survivor Lindsay Lenny; to the amazing individual professionals who support our program development and delivery, like Norma D’Agostino and Megan McLeod; and major corporate partners like CDL Systems, our priority is to ensure everyone feels like they are winning when they connect and work with Young Adult Cancer Canada.

When it becomes clear that a partnership is not a win-win, and is no longer sustainable, we are forced to re-evaluate. I have personally had to do this a few times in the past year, ultimately fundamentally changing the nature of those relationships. While I recognize and accept that not every relationship will be sustainable, and that some times they dissolve for good reasons, it is still our goal to have all relationships be sustainable.

All this growth has brought another reminder that we can’t neglect our internal partnerships, either.

YACC is as strong as the team that comes to work every day and these launches–the milestones we continue to hit as we roll out this year’s business plan–are driven by our growing team of eight.

Ensuring they all feel like they are winning will be a focus of my next round of “launches.”

Live life. Love life.


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