Localife: Game of Things

Localife: Game of Things

Photo 2013-05-11 11 52 15 AMBy Bonnie Lum

I was researching some games that could be played at our previous Localife event a little while ago. It had to be something that is family friendly, allows multiple players, wasn’t complicated, quick, and able to produce tons of laughter. After a quick poll, a lot of people mentioned “Game of Things.” The title of this game made me curious; what was “Things”?

They have an interactive sample on their website, which was pretty cool. I started to browse a little bit more and I came to a page that said “Win Things.” I decided to try to win the game for Localife Toronto.

I started writing an email to tell them why I wanted to win: I told them who I was, all about YACC, and what we do. A few weeks later, I received a response from Tom Quinn, the owner and creator of Game of Things. He wrote back gladly to donate game of things to Localife Toronto. I called him up to thank him for the donation and told him about Localife in Ottawa, Edmonton, and Calgary. I also asked if they could also have a copy, to which he replied, “Absolutely!” I couldn’t believe what I just did for Localife.

Localife Toronto recently had the opportunity at our recent event to use Game of Things as our icebreaker. Half of us didn’t know each other well, but thanks to Game of Things, we know each other a little bit better. We had tons of laughs and it really helped us get the vibe going for our Localife event.

We want to thank Tom for his generous donation of Game of Things to Localife. We will always look forward to having game nights for one of our events in the future!

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