Localife Ottawa: Cool walks

Localife Ottawa: Cool walks


On October 25, 2015, Localife Ottawa went on a hike in Gatineau Park along the Pink Lake Trail.

Though the weather seemed cold at first, it was actually perfect for a hike, and we got to enjoy all of the wonderful colours of the fall leaves.

The trail was a winding walk around Pink Lake — named not for the colour, but for the Irish settlers who cleared a farm in the area back in 1862. As we walked, we saw giants pits that were remnants of old mica mines in the area.

Though not overly challenging, the trail had a couple steeper climbs and few sections with more treacherous terrain close to the water, but we all made it through in one piece. No one fell in the lake. No one fell in down a mine shaft. Overall, success!

After about an hour and a half, we had walked around the entire lake and were all starving. We met up with a few YACCers who couldn’t make it for our morning hike and headed over to the Chelsea Pub to enjoy an assortment of delicious appetizers while we continued to chat. It was a great mix of conversation between the alumni and newbies, sharing stories and making plans for fun activities in the future.

Overall, another great outdoor Localife Ottawa event!

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