Localife St. John’s: Axin’ it up

Localife St. John’s: Axin’ it up

Localife St. Johns took over Water Street in early July and had a blast at one of St. John’s newest hang outs: Jack Axes!

The crew of nine assembled to learn all about how to throw axes of various sizes and how to keep score.
One by one, each Localifer battled against one another for axe-throwing glory, only to discover that no one was harbouring any secret axe throwing talent.

Despite many missed throws, there were a few bulls-eyes and an abundance of laughs. Everyone had a really good time.

Once the lumber-jacking hour came to an end, the crew crossed the street to refuel on poutine at Smoke’s Poutinery, where YACC’s fearless leader Geoff Eaton ate poutine for (gasp!) the first. time. ever.

It was a great night. Nobody lost a toe, everyone tried something new, and we had a blast getting to know each other better.

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