Localife St. John’s had a delicious night

Localife St. John’s had a delicious night

On Saturday, December 8, 19 survivors and supporters got together at Newfoundland Chocolate Company in downtown St. John’s to make our own gourmet chocolate bars!

After washing up, removing the lint from our clothes, and putting on our aprons and hairnets, we entered the delicious-smelling kitchen to learn all about chocolate making. We learned about proper tempering and mixing, and about different types of cocoa and chocolate.

When it was time to make the bars, everyone got creative with their toppings and decorations! After completing our awesome creations, the hard part came — waiting for them to set in the fridge! It was wonderful to see everyone’s original and tasty handiwork all packaged up and looking pretty professional!

After the class, we went to Boston Pizza where we spent a few hours enjoying good food and great company. It was definitely a successful (and delicious) night!

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