Localife St. John’s meets mad scientist on quest to cure cancer

Localife St. John’s meets mad scientist on quest to cure cancer


On June 19, 2015, the secret agents of Localife St. John’s began our most recent mission: The Scientist at BreakOut NL.

Armed with nothing but a flashlight and our wits, we infiltrated the lab of the eccentric — yet genius — scientist rumored to have found a cure for cancer. To our dismay, he anticipated our visit and the moment we entered his lab, the room went into lock down. We had just 45 minutes to find a way out or we’d be caught.

Were we scared? Yes. Did we panic? No.

We put our eye on the prize: getting out alive.

We searched high and low, over and under. We opened every drawer and tried every combination. Just as we thought we’d been set free, we were led to the most difficult tasks of all. With only minutes to spare, it seemed our mission was impossible.

Did we give up? Of course not; we persevered!

Could this be used for that? Can we dump it? Can we float it? Can we break it? Should this be hot? Is this one cold? How do you turn this thing on? This is kind of an X? Didn’t we try that? Try it again? One more time!

And then, with mere seconds to spare, we had a light bulb moment. Outside-the-box thinking, ingenuity, and teamwork prevailed.

We escaped!

To celebrate our freedom, ice cream and hang time were in order and a good time was had by all.

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