Localife transitions: New leaders, new events!

Localife transitions: New leaders, new events!

By Lesley Morrissey

What a year Localife has seen! Since March 2020, we have seen a shift to virtual events, more engagement happening within Localife city Facebook groups, and participants from further away being able to participate in Localife events.

It has been a year of flux and uncertainty, and our leaders have rolled with the punches to ensure their peers continue to connect and find support in this crazy pandemic world. And now we are seeing more transition as “old” leaders are stepping down from their roles while new leaders are joining the Localife team.

To our exiting leaders, the most heartfelt THANK YOU from everyone at YACC:

In Calgary: Sarah, even with so many changes in your life, you applied and wanted to help grow the community and for that we are so grateful! Your perseverance and kick-ass attitude are amazing. We are grateful for what you gave and wishing you the best of luck in what is to come! Thank you.

In Edmonton: Mandy, your smile lights up the room (virtual and otherwise). Your kind and giving nature ensured all participants felt welcomed and at home. Thank you.

In Ottawa: Gabrielle, your love and dedication to all things YACC meant you also dove headfirst into Localife and we are so grateful for the support and love you poured into that program (along with all other programs at YACC). Thank you.

In Toronto: Liz, your desire to help — even as a front-line worker during the worst pandemic our generation has ever seen — did not go unnoticed. Thank you.

Maggie, your kindness and desire to help was felt through the screen. We love that you stepped out of your comfort zone and applied and are grateful for what you were able to give. Thank you.

In Victoria: Emily, your sweet smile and soft presence made the events easy and fun. You stepped in with your co-leader Amber and connected with people at each event. We are grateful for your commitment and your help to keep Victoria going! Thank you.

In Winnipeg: Chantale, you give 200 per cent in everything you do — including Localife (and YACC in general). You helped to transform Localife Winnipeg into the engaged, supportive, rockin’ community it is today. Thank you.

Derek, your drive, level of detail and fights for perfection helped to ensure Localife Winnipeg rolled seamlessly. Your mater-of-fact and honest personality didn’t hurt, either. Thank you.

To our new leaders:

Welcome! Localife is a wonderful program that helps to bond the community in a unique (and fun) way. Your interest to join and lead such a program is commendable and we are so excited to see what you can do!

In Calgary we are welcoming Courtney and Ella. Joining Morgan in Edmonton, we have Matt and Harjeet. Ottawa is welcoming Thaer, and Alex is joining Toronto. In Victoria, an “old (and beautiful) face” is rejoining the team — welcome back Amber! Winnipeg is expanding with Mariève and Celine.

Welcome to the team everyone! We are so glad to have you!

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