Localife Vancouver holds inaugural event!

Localife Vancouver holds inaugural event!

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Localife Vancouver launched with its very first event at the Tap and Barrel Olympic Village on August 12!

As everyone began to arrive, the energy surged and conversation easily flowed between old friends and new ones in the making. With drinks ordered we had to face the really important question of the night: what would we eat? With appetizers aplenty ranging from marinated mussels to old fashioned onion rings and one very large pretzel, the table was littered with options.

As we watched the evening drift along, we saw moments of laughter and smiles, intense conversation, and an overall mood of connectivity. Time passed quickly, and before we realized, it was late evening. With hugs and well wishes, we took a few quick photos and the evening was complete.

We would like to personally thank Karine Chalifour for being with us on our first event. She always brings a special energy to any room she is in, and this night was no different. Also a special thanks to all who made it for this event. To those who couldn’t be there, we cannot wait to see you next time!

Our next event is on September 13 at the Zone Bowling Centre (228 Schoolhouse St #16, Coquitlam, BC). More details to come!

-Bernadette and Lisa

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