Localife Vancouver: Pub (night) at the Hub

Localife Vancouver: Pub (night) at the Hub

It’s been a while since we have gathered on a Friday night, and we chose Friday the 13th nonetheless!

A group of nine young adults from the Greater Vancouver Area gathered together at the Hub Restaurant in New Westminster. We shared some appetizers, drinks, and personal stories that ranged from cancer diagnoses to parking mishaps.

We welcomed four new people to Localife that evening, and saw some wonderful, familiar faces. We even met a new, wee little one that is just a month old and was brave to join us amidst all the noise of the restaurant.

Participants openly shared ideas on future events and it showed us how much they value this program and the time we get to spend together. There may be game nights, family picnics, and mini golf in our future!

During the exchange of diagnoses stories, people shared experiences as recently as four months and as old as 16 years. We were reminded how truly YACC exists for any cancer and any stage — we have each other’s backs.

Stay tuned for the next event! We have plans to gather every month until July!

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