Localife Winnipeg got down at Uptown Alley

Localife Winnipeg got down at Uptown Alley

Wow! We had a great turnout at Uptown Alley with 22 young adults affected by cancer in attendance! This event was one of the most popular, letting us let loose and have some serious fun!

We started off the event with a few members getting together early to munch on some food and prep for the evenings festivities, and we started with laser tag once everyone arrived. What a great way to break the ice! We teamed up and ran (or speed walked) around the dark course, shooting each other. You could feel that the nervousness was shaken off and we were all feeling connected and comfortable around each other!

Bowling was next in our adventurous night. We broke out into four teams and let the good times roll! At Uptown Alley we got to take our pictures at our lanes, and there were short funny videos made of all our faces! it added to the laughs and keeping each team engaged.

The night flew by and I think everyone probably had sore cheeks in the morning with the amount of smiles and laughs going around! This is definitely an event that we need to keep regular!

Thank you YACC for making this night happen!

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