New young adult support group in Toronto: Ilymphoma!

New young adult support group in Toronto: Ilymphoma!

I received another interesting (and exciting!) email from a survivor in our family the other day about another newly formed young adult support group in Toronto.

The group is called Ilymphoma and it is a support group founded by four young adult lymphoma survivors who met while being treated at Princess Margaret Hospital. The group is a peer-run support group for young people diagnosed with lymphoma. They are based in downtown Toronto, but they service those in the entire GTA and surrounding regions. The goal of the group is to connect people with others who have been diagnosed, to help them see they are not alone. They aim to provide a supportive environment, which fosters healthy exploration of the issues unique to young people who have been diagnosed with lymphoma.

The group had their first official meeting in August and opened the meeting up to others for their second meeting last week.

The group meets at 7 pm on the second Thursday of every month (October’s meeting is scheduled for October 1 as the lymphoma Light the Night Walk is on October 8) at Princess Margaret Hospital on the 18th floor in the Pencer Centre. The website address is

It is so great to hear about, and to help promote, these young adult focused programs!

Good luck to this new group!

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