Photo diary: Retreat Yourself Adventure 2019

YACC’s program director, Karine Chalifour, posts daily recaps on Facebook during Retreat Yourself and Survivor Conference. Here is a compilation of what she saw and felt during Retreat Yourself Adventure based in Rocky Harbour, NL from September 12-16, 2019.

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YACCtivist: Ashley Stead-Morine (she/her)

“My first interaction with YACC included spilling all of my fears on the Facebook group. The responses from YACCers — strangers to me at that point — brought more comfort than hearing ‘you’ll be OK’ from my mother.”

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YACCtivist: Dani Taylor

“I learned to navigate fertility preservation, surgeries, ostomies, and all the ins and outs of cancer treatment, but I wasn’t prepared for the confusing world of survivorship.”

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YACCtivist: Janelle Lamontagne

“I’m hopeful the medical community will join in the mission of ensuring that all young adults with cancer receive the psychosocial and emotional support they deserve.”

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YACCtivist: Jennifer Ryan

“I became a YACCtivist to reach more young adults dealing with a cancer diagnosis and let them know they do not have to feel isolated.”

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