Photo diary: Retreat Yourself Ontario 2019

YACC’s program director, Karine Chalifour, posts daily recaps on Facebook during Retreat Yourself and Survivor Conference. Here is a compilation of what she saw and felt during Retreat Yourself ON based in Paris, ON from March 14-18, 2019.

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We’ll miss these Localife leaders!

While we are sad to see Kelly, Samantha, and Anja step down, we are so very happy that they are moving forward with their lives and we are so very grateful to for the impact they are leaving on Localife!

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YACC values courage and heart

It is a privilege to witness courage every day. Last week, I celebrated 10 years working for YACC. I took some time to reflect, and the gratitude I felt for my work was overwhelming.

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The Firecracker Fund’s first event donates $2,500 to YACC

When Lynsey Frangakis died in 2018, her family discussed what they could do to mark her birthday that year. Following her example, they decided to create a fund through the KW Community Foundation in support of three charities that impacted her life—YACC, the Ryan Saturno Patient Amenities Fund, and Hospice Wellington.

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