#NVW2020: Thank you, board and committee members!

#NVW2020: Thank you, board and committee members!

It’s National Volunteer Week, and there’s no better time to recognize some over-the-top volunteers who often work behind the scenes at Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC). These are our members of our Board of Directors and our Finance-Audit and Governance Committees which I have had the privilege and honour to work beside.

YACC’s board and committee members don’t just donate hours and hours of their expertise and time, they are all in. They love YACC as much as the rest of us and they show it by shaving their heads (and waxing their legs — yes, that happened!), hosting events, making donations, volunteering at our events, or connecting us to others to help.

During this pandemic, they are even more focused and determined to help YACC get through this crisis and to ensure our young adults are taken care of.

Many of them have been totally engrossed in our community and have attended our national Survivor Conference and met some of our community members. They listen, and they have a deeper understanding and connection to YACC and the work we do.

In the past year, we have been actively working on and begun implementing a new strategic plan to grow YACC. Demand for programs is at an all-time high and the board is stepping up to help grow YACC’s revenue and reach so we can meet this increasing demand and help more young adults with cancer.

Our motto is “YACC’s got your back”; we have the back of thousands of young adults living with, through, and beyond cancer, but our board and committees have YACC’s back. We could not do all the wonderful work we do without their time and devotion and dedication.

To all of our members of our Board of Directors and our committees, a massive thank you.


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