#NVW2020: Thank you Localife leaders!

#NVW2020: Thank you Localife leaders!

Localife is a fun, local, social activity-based group led by YACCers in eight cities across Canada that owes its success to 18 current volunteers and many more who have come before them. 

Over 600 young adults affected by cancer took part in 66 events last year, introducing 107 new people to YACC and strengthening communities across the country. 

When the COVID-19 quarantine swept the nation, it hit “pause” on events like axe throwing, wing nights, and trips to the museum. Our Localife leaders sprung into action finding ways to keep their members connected and supported through virtual game nights, meditation sessions, shared playlists, social media challenges, and more! 

Thank you to Blair and Sara in Calgary; Mandy and Morgan in Edmonton; Gabrielle and Val in Ottawa; Kaylee and Stephanie in St. John’s; Kayla, Liz, and Maggie in Toronto; Hannah and Norma in Vancouver; Emily and Roxanne in Victoria; and Andrea, Chantale, and Derek in Winnipeg! We couldn’t do it without you. 

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