#NVW2020: Thank you, third party event volunteers!

#NVW2020: Thank you, third party event volunteers!

One of the best parts of my job is being in constant communication with our third party organizers. A third party event is a fundraising initiative organized in support of a charity by individuals outside the organization. Nurturing and cultivating these relationships is so rewarding.

While in university, I ran a third party event in support of YACC for a few months. Even with the extensive support from HQ, there is still a lot of responsibility, a lot of time, and a lot of rewarding experiences. Organizing a third party event can be a lot of work, similar to a part-time job. You are responsible for organizing the event, recruiting participants, managing volunteers, and wrapping up the event afterwards. So, when I say “thank you,” I have the unique ability to truly and meaningfully express my full gratitude to these volunteers!

There are over 10 different third party events held by incredible volunteers in support of YACC each year.

THANK YOU to the Power 2 Hope team, participants, and sponsors.

THANK YOU to the Justin Frampton Memorial Hockey Tournament organizers and players.

THANK YOU to Justin Fong, Fogtown, and Don-E Coady for organizing the QVxFogtown Shave, and to everyone who Shaved their heads in the taproom!

THANK YOU to the many Brews, Bowls and Charity Goals organizers, players, and sponsors.

THANK YOU to the Tely Makes Me YACC Tely 10 runners.

THANK YOU to the Becky Sjare Memorial Track & Field Meet participants.

THANK YOU to the Mews 8K team and members.

THANK YOU to those who organize and take part in the Fort to Forge 10k Walk/Run.

THANK YOU to Jacqueline Bell and everyone behind the Taylor Bell Memorial Fundraiser.  

From the bottom of Razor’s big lion heart — THANK YOU!


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