#NVW2020: Thank you, YACCtivists!

#NVW2020: Thank you, YACCtivists!

You show up. Every time.

Our YACCtivist program was reenergized this past August and with it came 16 incredible humans. People who show up every. single. time.

They show up for their communities, for their cancer peers, for the public, for anyone who needs to know about the challenges young adults with cancer are facing on a daily basis. They show up by sharing their voices, vision, passion, experience, dedication, and vulnerabilities. They show up by supporting YACC in everything we do.

I get the pleasure of working each day with this beautiful people. I get to see the passion and intention they put into every blog post, podcast, news interview, and email. And I am always blown away by their pure intentions and desire to help their friends.

It can be rare in today’s world to see such commitment and unbiased love for community, and I am so blessed to be a cog in their wheel — a wheel that is — and will continue to — change what it means to have cancer as a young adult in Canada.

Thank you to each of you for always showing up for me and answering my requests. You are helping us reach more and more young adults, young adults who are no longer facing cancer alone. This is huge. You are incredible. Thank you. x 


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