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Leader bios

Allison Maksymchuk

Hi, my name is Allison. I love camping and dirt biking in the summers, and snowmobiling and ringette in the winters.

On December 23, 2015, I received the news that I had breast cancer. At the time, my two little girls were aged five and seven. The year following, my diagnosis was incredibly challenging. I underwent surgery, chemo, radiation and a year of targeted treatments. It was difficult to do the things I once had while still having the energy required to be a mom to young kids! But they were definitely my inspiration and reason to keep fighting.

While going though treatments in Winnipeg, it became apparent to me how young I was in terms of someone receiving a cancer diagnosis. Everyone in the oncology unit was a couple decades older than me, so it was hard to find anyone I could relate to. In 2016, a year after my diagnosis, I came across YACC’s website and decided to attend one of their retreats. At the retreat, I was able to connect with many cancer survivors my age. It was truly life changing and I have been drinking the YACC Kool-Aid ever since!

In 2017, I attended the Survivor Conference and I also volunteered at the Big Cancer Hook-up in Winnipeg where I finally met other local cancer survivors. I was amazed how many other cancer survivors my age were living in Winnipeg, and wondered if they had all been hiding under a rock for the last year! I realized that living in a smaller city, finding other cancer survivors my age was like finding a needle in a haystack. I decided I was going to make it my mission to make a difference and help connect young adult survivors in the Winnipeg area.

I am incredibly grateful to YACC for providing this opportunity for a Localife chapter in my area, and for their continued expertise, resources, and support to help build and grow our group.

I am very excited and look forward to meeting and connecting other young adult survivors!


Andrea Whittle

Hello all! My name is Andrea and I am 32 years old. I was diagnosed in 2015 with stage 2/3 invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer and HER2 positive.

From being diagnosed, to surgery, to chemo and radiation, to more surgeries, and then to heart failure and financial struggles — all while not having support from family members and friends — everything was happening so fast. I had no control and I felt so very alone. I didn’t want to burden the few people who were taking care of me when it came to emotions and feelings I had deep down inside me.

After a year of hell, I learned about the YACC community and all the people, resources, and opportunities it provides. All of a sudden, I wasn’t alone. When I met with the other Winnipeg YACCers, I felt like finally, this is where I need to be, and these are the people I need to be around. It’s was like a hallelujah moment!

A group of us together in a room, strangers, but yet we were all the “same.” We had the same worries, fears, anxieties, rage, etc. No matter what we said or questions we asked each other, it’s like we all got it. And we know what to say to each other to help cope with the fears and worries. We walk in strangers, but after a few minutes, we are all like family, and no one wants to leave!

I feel so honoured to be a Localife leader. I am very excited to met new people who are fighting the same battle and living with the same struggles so I will able to let them know they aren’t alone. There is a bunch of us who know exactly how you feel and will be unconditionally supportive.


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