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My name is Andrea, I was diagnosed with triple positive HER2 positive invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer in 2015 at the age of 30.

I am a single mother of one son who is now 10. I don’t have a personal support group in the city, so YACC has become my family and has helped me cope with life after my cancer diagnosis.

I am very grateful to be a Localife leader to you amazing people! We strive to provide a welcoming and fun space for you to be able to let loose from being in “patient” mode to be your  “regular” young adult self who enjoys socializing and having a good time with great people who get you! We will pick you up when u feel low, and celebrate with you when you feel high!

This is a caring group and its only awkward for a minute, and then you will wonder how you ever made it without us! So take that leap and join us on our next adventure!

Hi! My name is Chantale and I was diagnosed in June 2017 with mucinous adenocarcinoma from the appendix — essentially cancer that had spread throughout my entire abdomen. I underwent chemo and then had a massive surgery called HIPEC just days after my son turned three. Thankfully, I’ve been no evidence of disease (NED) since then.

When I was told what kind of cancer I had, I searched high and low to find anyone with the same kind as me; it was next to impossible. I found an online group for appendix cancer, but everyone’s situation and degree of spreading is very different with this kind. It was good to talk about treatments and the surgery recovery so I knew what I was getting into, but most people there were significantly older and didn’t have a small child at home.

It was around that time that Allison and Andrea started our Localife Winnipeg group, and I started attending every event I could. I even attended the Survivor Conference in St. John’s in 2018 thanks to their encouragement and it was an amazing experience. Something special happens when you spend a weekend out of day-to-day life with the most inspirational peers you could find. When they asked me to join as a junior Localife leader in January, I was all in!

I’m so grateful for the work that Allison and Andrea put into creating our group and for YACC and I looking forward to meeting and connecting with everyone in Winnipeg!

Hi, my name is Derek. I was 34-years-old when I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in my left knee in early 2018. I had 25 rounds radiation and a total knee reconstruction to remove it. The surgery was a success, however my cancer has metastasized in my lungs. Thankfully it’s slow growing and I’m currently receiving chemotherapy to treat it.

I have lots of support people in my life which has been very helpful and comforting. However, I still found myself alone because I had no one in my life to relate to. I didn’t know anyone even close to my age with cancer. My struggles with leaving my career, trying to be positive to my three boys, and going from being fit and capable to disabled and fatigued really hit me hard. Between my surgeries and chemo, I was approached by a psychosocial oncology clinician from CancerCare Manitoba which is affiliated with YACC.

I was hesitant at first, but took the meeting and he opened my eyes to whole world of support. Two weeks later, I attended a monthly group meeting for young adults where I learned more about YACC and Localife. It was a bit overwhelming at first. To go from not knowing anyone to relate to and then being in a room filled with people who were in all stages of their journeys was very reassuring. I was with people I could talk to and they would actually understand because they had similar experiences to me. I attended Survivor Conference 2019 in St. Catherines, ON and saw the full reach of YACC from coast to coast; the community was amazing. I knew then I wanted to be more involved and help others as YACC helped me.

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