PANEL: Moving Forward With Or After Cancer In COVID Times

PANEL: Moving Forward With Or After Cancer In COVID Times

September can be a time to reset. Start fresh. Make changes.  

But this year feels different. There is a lot of unknown and what is known still might look different for you as someone who has a cancer diagnosis. Maybe you’re grappling with questions like: 

  • What does social distancing look like for me as a young person diagnosed with cancer? 
  • Is it safe for me to send my kids back to school? 
  • Is it dangerous for me to be back in the office? 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with AYA organizations Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto, Pink Pearl Canada, and Rethink Breast Cancer to host an event to address these new concerns and to give you some information to help you to cope as best you can. 

Moving forward after or with cancer can be a daunting thought that brings fear, uncertainty, grief, and frustrations. With COVID-19 in the picture and some aspects of our lives starting up again with the new season, we know that moving forward, for our community members, looks a little different for you and comes with different concerns. 

The panel

Charlene Charles, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Charlene knows what it’s like to cope with delays in tests and results over the last few months.

Paul Silvestri, testicular cancer
Paul is navigating a return to a public workplace. 

Aimee Taylor, Stage 4 colon cancer
Aimee is learning what it means to manage family life post-COVID-19 as someone with a compromised immune system. 

Shawna Rich, registered social worker and psychotherapist
Shawna has 20 years of experience providing psychosocial support, education and advocacy to those with complex health needs. Over the past decade she worked with young cancer patients and their families. Her expertise include acute and chronic health conditions, oncology, death and dying, grief, trauma, postpartum mental health, stress, depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, life transitions, sexuality and sexual identity. She works with both individuals and couples in her private practice. To learn more about Shawna or to work with her check out or contact her at [email protected]


Interested in listening in and connecting with other young adults with cancer? 


Hope to see you there!

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