Primetown FAQs

In partnership with CancerCare Manitoba and the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) will host over 1,000 people in Primetown, a summit for young adult cancer patients, survivors, and their supporters; health professionals and researchers; and for parents and other caregivers of young adults with cancer.

This event will unite people in need of community and support with those passionate about improving the lives and care of young adults diagnosed with cancer and those supporting them. Through workshops, keynote speakers, panels, and social activities we will empower, educate, connect, and support.

Primetown will be happening virtually from May 6-8, 2021.

Thanks to our many supporters, your ticket to Primetown is free! However, if you have a little spare change and can kick in for gas, we would be grateful for your support!

Our hopes for this event are to foster:

A sense of community for everyone: We know that young adults dealing with cancer want to connect with other young adults with cancer more than any other group (Zebrack, 2006). We suspect the exact same desire is shared by health professionals, researchers, and parents and supporters. Feelings of isolation are felt by many who are devoting their time, care, expertise to this population.

An opportunity for self-care: The YAC Prime Study has shown that young adult cancer patients and survivors cope with high levels of distress, body image distress, fear of cancer recurrence, low quality of life, sleep deprivation, financial struggles and lots more. Offering programming to support them in their journey is essential. But what about the health care professionals, the parents, the primary caregivers? Who is committed to taking care of them?

A sharing of information and education: Of course, our event will want to include information and educational pieces that can help our young adults’ live life and love life, and help our HP and parents/primary caregivers stay up float and find the balance between helping others and caring for themselves. We will include keynotes, workshops, panels that will stimulate the mind, enhance the practices, and empower people.

An emphasis on fun: YACC has a reputation of incorporating as much laughter, lightness and pleasure in its events. The Summit won’t be any different. We must have some fun while learning, connecting, and growing. We want to encourage participants to get out of their comfort zone and dive into the event with an open mind and more importantly an open heart.

Young Adults Diagnosed With Cancer: For young adults (18 years and older) who were diagnosed with cancer before age 39.

Young Adult Supporters: For young adult supporters, who are supporting those who received their cancer diagnosis before the age of 39. Young adult supporters can be partners, friends, siblings, co-workers, roommates, etc. If you are a parent, guardian or grandparent of a young adult diagnosed with cancer, please register using the “Parents And Guardians Of Young Adults” category.

Parents and Guardians Of Young Adults: For parents, guardians, grandparents, and other caregivers of young adults diagnosed with cancer. If you are a young adult partner, family member, or friend of a young adult diagnosed with cancer, please use the registration “Young Adult Supporters.”

Healthcare Providers, Researchers and Students: For healthcare providers, professionals, students and researchers interested in the young adult cancer experience.

If you fit within two different categories (i.e. you were diagnosed with cancer and you are also a health provider) you can register for both. But please make sure you know that there is a clear difference between Young Adult Supporters and Parents and/or Guardians of young adults (see question above).

We know it can be daunting to log on to a computer and ‘meet’ a bunch of people, online, that you do not know to participate in (quite likely your first ever) “cancer event.”

First off, know that you are not alone in these feelings. Based on past experience with our other large virtual events, typically, half of registrations are from first-time participants like you!

Secondly, our staff are trained professionals. We have been offering successful, life-changing, face-to-face programming since 2005 and we have been offering all of our programming online since spring 2020. Believe me, you are in good hands.

We absolutely want you to have the best experience possible at Primetown. If you are not feeling up to participating in a session, or your home life is a little hectic during a workshop time you are free to skip. We will share most of the sessions to those registered at a later date, so hopefully you will be able to catch anything you have missed.

Primetown will be a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions. The live presentations will be presented using Zoom. For anyone not familiar with Zoom, we will have additional details included in a FAQ, accessible once you register.

Canada is a very large country. We will try to find a good balance that will hopefully not have too many people up too early or others up too late. However, if the timing does not work for you, we will be sharing all of the event recordings with those registered.

We will be sharing the accessibility tools we will be using for Primetown in the coming weeks. If you would like to share your needs with us now, please email [email protected].

Canada is a very large country. We will try to find a good balance that will hopefully not have too many people up too early or others up too late. However, if the timing does not work for you, we will be sharing all of the event recordings with those registered.

YACC is looking to prioritize voices and perspectives who have been marginalized in the cancer care community. We are aware of the imbalance in the world, and our community. We are here to hear what these intersections are including, but not limited to, communities such as BIPOC, 2SLGBTQAI+, various cultures and religions, and individuals living with a disability.

Please feel free to email [email protected] if you have additional questions.

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