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Jamie Hiscock

Jamie Hiscock

Jamie Hiscock

DSC_0160Sadly, Jamie passed away on January 25, 2014. Jamie was an inspiration to anyone who had the chance to meet him, and he will be greatly missed.

Name: Jamie Hiscock

Age: 37

Hometown: Heart’s Content, NL

What was/is your diagnosis? Metastasized colorectal cancer

What is/was your occupation? Fisherman


Your cancer experience:

How did you find out you were sick? What led to your diagnosis?
I was having lower back pain for several months. Many trips to our family doctor eventually led to a CT scan, which showed the lesions on my liver and a colonoscopy discovered the tumor.

What year was it? What was your age at the time?
It was in July of 2012, just before my 36th birthday.

In which hospital are you treated?
Dr.H.Bliss Murphy, St. John’s, NL

What were your first thoughts when diagnosed?
What is the next step? Where do we go from here?

How did your family react?
My family has been very supportive from day one.

How did your friends react?
At first people kept their distance, probably because they didn’t know what to say. Eventually, a few close friends came around and kept keeping me busy and occupied, which was a great help.

What did your treatment consist of?
The doctors immediately started me on chemotherapy. I had 12 rounds of Folfox chemo. After the first six treatments, the liver lesions were shrinking. After 12 treatments, the lesions had shrunk more than half. After another six—making it 18 chemo treatments—the drug had stopped working and I was switched to Folfiri. After the next six, for a total of 24, I was told that this drug was not working either and now also have spots on my lungs. I am currently waiting to travel to Edmonton for a clinical trial.

How is life different for you now post diagnosis?
I try to take things one day and one step at a time. Although at times this is difficult, I have to keep pushing forward. I don’t live in the past or prepare for the future, I live for today.

What is the toughest part of your challenge?
We have two small children and having to spend time away from home without them was challenging.

What was the best lesson you took away from your challenge?
Live for today because tomorrow is not promised.

What really motivated/motivates you to keep going while you were/are sick?
My wife, Amy, has been there 24/7 encouraging me every step of the way. She has attended every appointment and chemo treatment with me.

What are your thoughts and feelings about your illness now?
Never give up.


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