Survivor Conference

The Survivor Conference is the biggest reunion of young adult cancer patients/survivors and supporters in Canada, bringing together a group of people who “get it” to connect and learn things that can help you move forward or beyond the cancer experience. Through the Conference, we’ll give you information to help you regain some of the control you may have lost — or felt like you lost — while dealing with cancer.

While Survivor Conference is typically held in person, this event will be virtual until the COVID-19 restrictions ease back and it is safe to gather in person once again.



Survivor Conference is for young adults who were diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15-39, and who are currently between the ages of 18-39; and peer supporters (also aged 18-39).



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Testimonials from past guests

"It was AMAZING to just feel like there was a community I was a part of and we're all just there to support one another."

- Survivor Conference 2020: Virtual participant

"The highlights were definitely the connections made with other YACCers and the presentations. Each presentation I went to tackled an issue that was very relevant and the presenters were engaging and knowledgable. As for connecting with other YACCers, this conference exceeded my expectations!"

- Survivor Conference 2020: Virtual participant

"I loved the whole conference and am so glad I got a chance to connect and learn so many strategies to help me through my fight with cancer."

- Survivor Conference 2020: Virtual participant

"I'm glad I joined in because I feel like showing up for survivors is important and builds our community. Also, it reminded me of the great things I learned at conference 2019 and added new things to my arsenal this year. I just think taking part this year was exactly what I needed."

- Survivor Conference 2020: Virtual participant

"This is my first year post cancer and I was struggling with mental health issues. I found this community and have tried to embrace it. This conference helped me validate my feelings."

- Survivor Conference 2020: Virtual participant

"By the end of SCV, I found myself not wanting it to be over and not wanting to reenter "normal" life, exactly the same as after an in-person conference. The online format was still very impactful, and I'm so thankful for that."

- Survivor Conference 2020: Virtual participant

"I attended the Survivor Conference 2019 and it was the most amazing thing I have been too. I never wanted to leave. I was so happy 2020 was still a go and once again you never disappoint. I learnt more through the presentations and also got conformation on what I have been going through is "normal" for many other YAs."

- Survivor Conference 2020: Virtual participant

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