Welcome to the Expansion Pack!

What is the Expansion Pack? It’s a group of Survivor Conference participants who want to engage their networks to raise money and help YACC help more young adults affected by cancer!

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We’ve heard it through the grapevine (and directly from tons of you) that there’s a lot of interest to help out, give back, and take YACC to the next level. Survivor Conference is all about coming out of your cancer fog for four days, and the Expansion Pack will give you the tools and opportunities you need to change lives of young adults dealing with cancer right from your living room. You can make a difference long before the conference doors even open.

We want to make sure no YACCer is left behind. There are typically 10-15 young adults just like you left on the wait list each year, and the only way to defeat it is with cold, hard, cash. Last year the Expansion Pack raised over $16,000; can we hit it again this year? The extra funds will help add spaces to bring your “brothers and sisters” along on one of the most incredible experiences we offer all year!

We can only unlock this level if you put your powers together to make it happen! You don’t have to host a gala (unless you want to), but even sharing the fundraising link with your friends and family can go a long way to bring more people into the YACC community.

Your tool kit:

  • Call on your network! Some of you work at companies that offer corporate grant programs and know people who may want to give back to YACC, an organization that is making a difference in the life of someone they love. Sometimes changing a life is as easy as reading your employee handbook. Or maybe you have friends and family members who are happy to donate to the cause to help you (and your YACC pals) to the Survivor Conference!
  • Team YACC: We’ve been working with third-party fundraisers since the very earliest days of YACC. Let us know if you have an idea and we’ll help you make it happen!

You’ll hear from us between now and the Conference with more info, but let us know if you have any questions or genius ideas in the meantime!

If you’d like to participate in one of the events and help fundraise to support the Expansion Pack, contact Lesley at [email protected] or 709-700-1977.

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