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YACC Web: Chats is a new program designed to help us all connect during the quarantine. Four awesome YACCers, Gabrielle, Krista, Marley, and Mike, will host the Chats via Zoom. For now, we are limiting these chats to 11 people per session (first come first serve), and you can only register for one session each week. We will be offering up to three sessions per week — the exact schedule is to be determined — along with other virtual presentations TBA.

“When I first learned of these YACC virtual chats, I was an emotional disaster. I  was just finishing up my last treatment and I couldn’t even say my diagnosis out loud without crying. These weekly virtual chats have given me the strength and confidence I have been seeking. There is something about connecting with fellow cancer survivors that is invigorating — strength in numbers, I guess. After all they have done for me, I cannot even imagine not attending anymore.”

-Krista C.

Meet your hosts:

Gabrielle has been a part of this wonderful community for a few years now as a member, Localife Ottawa leader, and peer supporter. She is excited to take on this new position leading weekly online peer group chats with all of you. Gabrielle’s chats will be themed (while still remaining flexible) with a goal of allowing the opportunity to have safe and open discussions. (Read Gabrielle’s YACC profile)

Krista (she/her) is ambitious, optimistic, and passionate. She is a cancer survivor! Krista was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on March 18, 2020, just eight months after giving birth to twin babies and 12 days shy of her 33rd birthday. She completed four cycles of chemotherapy and was given remission status on June 17, 2020. Finding YACC and connecting with other young adults with cancer was a life line for Krista. It was at this point that she knew she needed to give back and connect with other young adults with cancer the way YACC did with her when she was first diagnosed.

Marley was first introduced to the YACC community in 2014 after being diagnosed with metastatic papillary thyroid cancer at the age of 20. The support she received from YACC and its members has greatly impacted Marley’s recovery process through her initial diagnosis and has helped her to maintain a positive quality of life despite two subsequent relapses. Over the years she has participated in a variety of YACC related events, is a proud member of the YACCtivist team, and is working hard to create a safe and supportive community of AYA cancer patients in Northern Ontario. With the help of Young Adult Cancer Canada, Marley has come to understand the value of community, connection, and peer support and is excited to bring her unique perspective to the YACC Live Chat program. (Read Marley’s YACC profile)

Mike is a young adult cancer survivor, YACCA leader, writer, and Live Chat host from Red Deer, AB. In June 2018, his life was interrupted when he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), and following seven months of treatment and a stem cell transplant from an anonymous donor, he was pronounced in full remission. He has since jumped head-first into leading initiatives for a variety of advocacy programs for young adults affected by cancer, on behalf of YACC, Wellspring Calgary, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada, and Canadian Blood Services, as well as co-founding the group “Young Adult Cancer Central Alberta” (YACCA). The Live Chats Mike will host will involve a mix of free-flow and themed discussions, and are welcome to all who wish to connect with fellow cancer survivors and foster a greater sense of community, connection, and positivity. (Read Mike’s YACC profile)

Production of YACC Web: Chats has been made possible through collaboration and financial support from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Corporation and Health Canada.

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