During this “age of quarantine,” we are all feeling a little extra isolated from our cancer buddies, so YACC’s program director, Karine, will host our YACC Web: Talks, a series of weekly moments of connection. Some weeks it may be just Karine, other weeks she may bring along a friend or two.

The presentations may have themes, activities, and engagement and will take place via Zoom (at least for now). Currently, there is no limit to the number of people who can attend.


YACC Web: Talks will be hosted by members of the YACC community for the month of August! 

August 6: “8 unusual ways cancer thrivers can support their mental health” with Gabrielle Fecteau

Finding creative ways to support your mental health is essential in achieving growth and to thrive despite a cancer diagnosis. Learn various innovative ways to support your mental health, ways to engage in creative wellness processes and how to build on your current mental health practises. Part one of a two-part series on “everything you need to know to better support your mental health.” 

August 13: “Want to boost your mental health? Learn powerful keys to build a thriving practice” with Gabrielle Fecteau

Turns out, there are essential strategies you need to know in order to sustain your mental health practises long term. Discover the foundation to a strong mental health practice, ideas on ways to apply these concepts in your life and the next steps to achieving growth. Part two of a two-part series on “everything you need to know to better support your mental health.” 

Gabrielle has been immersed in the cancer world as a thriver and health care professional since 2015. She has dedicated her life to help individuals affected by cancer thrive, focusing primarily on mental health.
To achieve her goals, Gabrielle has founded the Soar Above Cancer podcast, which she has been co-hosting since 2018, guest blogged and volunteered for many cancer organizations, including as a YACCtivist. She is also a licensed social worker and founder of Soar Above Counselling, a private counselling practice.

August 20: “Sex and sex toys” with Melissa Saitti

We will be discussing the importance of sex, sex toys and the proper and safe use toys in relation to cancer.

August 27: “Body Image and Cancer: Doing the Work” with Marcia Wickett

Building on her previous talks about body image, cancer, and how they intersect with ableism, Marcia‘s talk will explore the practical side of working towards a place of body acceptance. Using the 10 principles of intuitive eating as a foundation, the group will work through a series of mini exercises and discussions with the goal of healing their relationship with their bodies.


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