YACCtivists build the awareness and capacity of YACC so we’re able to reach more young adults with cancer, serve them with more programming opportunities, and change what it means to have cancer in your late teens, 20s, and 30s.⁠

YACCtivist: Alex Mandarino (he/him)

“I was an active and bright-eyed kid before cancer. When I was diagnosed, I felt alone, lost, and disconnected from all of those around me.”

YACCtivist: Andrea Whittle (she/her/woman/female)

“YACC has helped me tackle depression and isolation through workshops on how to thrive after diagnosis, and by connecting me to hundreds of young adults dealing with cancer across Canada.”

YACCtivist: Ashley Stead-Morine (she/her)

“My first interaction with YACC included spilling all of my fears on the Facebook group. The responses from YACCers — strangers to me at that point — brought more comfort than hearing ‘you’ll be OK’ from my mother.”

YACCtivist: Blair Richardson

“YACC gave me a new way of looking at life and taught me how to thrive even though I still have cancer.”

YACCtivist: Dani Taylor

“I learned to navigate fertility preservation, surgeries, ostomies, and all the ins and outs of cancer treatment, but I wasn’t prepared for the confusing world of survivorship.”

YACCtivist: Gabrielle Fecteau (she/her)

“Cancer has been difficult, not only physically, but mentally. I have found myself surrounded by loving family and friends, but still feeling disconnected.”

YACCtivist: Janelle Lamontagne

“I’m hopeful the medical community will join in the mission of ensuring that all young adults with cancer receive the psychosocial and emotional support they deserve.”

YACCtivist: Jennifer MacKenzie

“I hit a wall after treatment and needed support. I fought to live, but had no idea how to do it.”

YACCtivist: Jennifer Ryan

“I became a YACCtivist to reach more young adults dealing with a cancer diagnosis and let them know they do not have to feel isolated.”

YACCtivist: Keri Blackwell

“To truly thrive through a diagnosis, you need connection; you need people who actually ‘get it.’ And that’s why I’ve signed on to be a YACCtivist.”

YACCtivist: Marley Cameron (she/her)

“YACC became a safe haven of hope and a constant source of support for me through my recovery process. It has carried me through two relapses and has continued to support me every day since.”

YACCtivist: Matt Ralph

“The YACCtivist program is an opportunity to work on a stronger and more solid group voice. Our stories, our problems, and our issues are unique, and they deserve to be heard.”

YACCtivist: Shana Couillard

“Twenty-two AYAs are diagnosed with cancer every day in Canada, only one will find YACC. We need to find the other 21 and let them know that they are not alone.”

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