Scanxiety isn’t real!!?! Yeah, right

Scanxiety isn’t real!!?! Yeah, right

By Jay Abramovitch

Well my first post-treatment CT is in the books.

After not sleeping a wink, a good cry on route to the hospital wetting my hoodie like a soaked towel after a swim, sitting in the same spot, and getting the same nurse from a year ago when they originally found my cancer, I was shaking walking into the appointment. All I could think was, “Breathe, don’t puke, breathe don’t puke.”

Lying on the cold scan table made me shiver like a cold winter’s day. I took a deep breath, thought about all the learning, growth, and amazing opportunities cancer has provided me over the last year, and I gave the tech a thumbs up and said, “Let’s do this shit!”

It was all over in five minutes — minus the injected dye which made me wanna puke and feel like I peed myself!

I’m so proud of myself for getting this milestone out of the way. Now to wait on results, which I’m sure will be still all clear!

This post was originally written in October 2021.

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