Shave for the Brave: Mark

Shave for the Brave: Mark

For our fourth Day of Brave, we are highlighting Mark Dobbin, one of the 2021 Shave for the Brave Ambassadors!

Mark’s first connection to the Shave was back in 2009 when he attended the St. John’s Community Shave to cheer on his son, Michael, who stepped up to face the roar of the razor. Since then, he has supporter other friends and colleagues as they earned their own bright yellow toques.

In November 2020, after growing his hair for almost a year, Mark shaved it all off for the first time at the Brave Brunch held at Landwash Brewery and smashed his $50,000 fundraising goal by raising over $68,000 for the most powerful haircut of his life.

“I couldn’t think of a better cause to throw my weight behind,” he said. “The Shave event is so tangible, it’s so in your face, you can see it. Everybody knows you’re a supporter.”

Through his work with young entrepreneurs through organizations like CDL-Atlantic and Propel ICT, Mark has seen how having the right people in your corner during tough times makes a huge impact.

“I can’t imagine anything tougher than being at that age — a formative part of your life when you’re supposed to be out building your networks and planning your future — and you get blindsided by this battle you didn’t ask for and have to fight. The fact that Young Adult Cancer Canada is able to be there for these brave young adults is very inspiring.”

As an ambassador, Mark continues to show his support for the cause by encouraging others to get involved and even keeps his Shave toque propped up in the frame of his Zoom meetings!  

He said, “I’m on the team for a while.”

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