Survivor Conference 2009…I’m hooked!

Survivor Conference 2009…I’m hooked!

By the Wannabe Newfoundlander

Karine Chalifour

For the past couple of months, besides getting used to living in a different province (almost feels like a different country some days and mostly because the ocean is everywhere), talking in English all the time, and decrypting some of the wonderful local Newfoundland expressions, I have been working on our upcoming Survivor Conference. Like all our events, the closer it gets –  the more excited we get, but I have to say, I feel this year’s conference is going to be different. Why? Not sure quite yet, but something is up. First of all, we have doubled our capacity. This means that if the excitement is as contagious as it should be, we could have up to 60 survivors/supporters attending the weekend on The Rock! Knowing how incredible the previous conferences were with 30 survivors, can you imagine if this year we double everything, the inspiration, the information and the support – My brain can’t fathom that much amazingness. The fact that it will be the biggest young adult reunion in the country also calls for excitement, don’t you think?  Also, once again, we have a group of really amazing facilitators and speakers who are psyched to make this years conference the best it can be. Building the conference, we always have in mind helping survivors make the rest of their life the best of their life, in order to do that, we have to make the conference the best it can be as well.

Many more things need to be done before the big weekend, many more surprises to come, many registrations need to be filled as well. In the mean time, I hope I gave my conference bug to some of you. The word is out, spread it!

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