Survivor Conference 2010: We will do it LIKE THIS!

Survivor Conference 2010: We will do it LIKE THIS!

                                Sunday night at the Banquet we’ll do it LIKE THIS with Daniel Stolfi!


We had the great pleasure to meet Daniel at Retreat Yourself East 2009 where he connected for the first time with YACC and our amazing community. For those of you who have been to a retreat before, you’ll know that we usually hold a talent show on the last day. Well in 2009 we did and we got to see a little portion of Daniel’s show and we were all AMAZED! lucky us, we will get to see it all this time! Here’s a little about Daniel:

In March of 2008, Daniel Stolfi was diagnosed with Acute Non -Hodgkin’s T-Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer that would need equally aggressive chemotherapy treatment over the following two years of his life. Just when his acting career in the big city was starting to take off, he needed to put it all on hold to embark on the most physically, mentally, and emotionally draining journey of his life. While battling cancer, Daniel lost his hair, his appetite, his strength and his sex drive. The most tragic of all, he lost his ability and his desire to dance. In Cancer Can’t Dance Like This, Daniel invites the audience into his fight with a number of comedic monologues, musical numbers, and character portrayals of his lost attributes to the disease. The question: can cancer out dance the dancing machine?

Although he paints a merciless picture, Dan’s story is told with a thrill and lust for the finer (but also the necessary) things in life like no other survival story ever performed on stage. He has the courage to recount the pain he endured during his treatment process and does so with his own saving grace — the fine art of comedy.

It will be a wonderful evening and a great way to close the “official” program of our 2010 Edition of Survivor Conference.

Are you registered yet? No! Seriously, what are you waiting for? Only a few spots left.

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