Survivor Conference 2019: Bus from Pearson

Survivor Conference 2019: Bus from Pearson

Hello everyone,

We are very happy to connect with you all today with the details of your bus pick up at Pearson International Airport.



The buses will be picking everyone up at Terminal 1 (T1) (which is where Air Canada flies in). If you are flying with West Jet, you will arrive in Terminal 3 (T3) and you will have to make your way to T1.



When you arrive in Terminal 3 you will need to catch the free LINK Train to Terminal 1. The train runs 24 hrs a day, every 4-8 min. From Terminal 1, follow the Sheraton Gateway Hotel pedestrian bridge and take the escalator (or elevator) to the train platform. You will see the icon for the train as well.

Once in T1, you will need to meet our amazing YACC Volunteers (see below) at the “Pre-Arranged Transportation desk at Door A in Terminal 1” (that is what the area is actually called). You can ask any airport staff for directions if you need to. I have attached a map of T1 to help you find your bearings — there is a YACC logo at the meeting space.

Once there, check in with our volunteers. You must be checked in with our volunteers by 1:15 p.m.



We have four of our awesome YACC volunteers flying into Pearson just like you! Each of them will be wearing a t-shirt from a YACC event like Retreat Yourself or Survivor Conference.

(L-R: Mandy, Andrea, Chantale, Gabrielle)

You will have their phone numbers in an email. If you can’t find them, please call YACC HQ at 1 (877) 579-7325 and we’ll help you connect.

If you have airport specific questions; i.e. how to do I get to T1? Please ask airport staff. They are used to those questions and it is their job to help.



The drive to St. Catharines is about 1.5-2 hours from the airport, so please make sure you use the bathroom, grab a bite to eat, and get comfy.



There will be over 60 of you arriving at the hotel at the same time. Please do not rush the wonderful Holiday Inn staff at check in. Feel free to make your way to the Conference Center (to the right of the coffee bar in the lobby) to say hi to YACC staff and volunteers. We can watch your luggage while you stretch your legs, grab some food, meet new and old friends, etc. The program will start at 5 p.m., so you should have time to get settled in your room before this begins.



We will be leaving the Holiday Inn at 9 a.m. sharp on Monday, May 20 to head back to Pearson International Airport. We will have one bus stopping at Terminal 2 (WestJet) and the other buses stopping at Terminal 1 (Air Canada and locals). We will have signs at each bus when you board them on Monday, make sure you get on the right one.

For locals getting picked up at the airport, you will be dropped off at Terminal 1.


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