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Life after cancer

I have been asked to discuss life AFTER cancer. At first I thought I was poorly placed for this. We don’t get remission, just an awkward dance with an NED diagnosis. In essence, we do not get life AFTER cancer. The reason I decided to write this blog is because the realist in me recognized something. While WE don’t get life after cancer, I probably will. And that thought terrifies me.

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Localife is coming to St. John’s, and we need leaders!

Localife has been running in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Ottawa for two years and in Vancouver since August 2014. It has been a hugely successful program in these cities so we thought it was time to try it in our own backyard. So, here we go!

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New YA group in Saskatchewan

The Saskatoon Cancer Centre just launched the Connections Group, a drop-in support group for young adults between the ages of 18-39 who have been diagnosed with cancer.

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School’s in session!

It isn’t just the kids or university students heading back into schools this month, our dedicated and enthralling YACCtivists are heading back to the classroom as well with our very…

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Gerrad’s blog: The “A” word

Anxiety and depression are normal parts of dealing with a lot of what we experience, and the most important part is being able to recognize that this is not who you are, just what you are experiencing.

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Moving beyond cancer

A part of our new mission statement is “to support young adults as they move through and beyond cancer,” and that’s what a lot of our focus will be on for the month of September.

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