Localife Calgary: Movie night

Good luck, Denis!

By Lesley Morrissey Two years, one full term — where did the time go? Denis, you have been a force in Ottawa, always up for a bit of fun, but…

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Localife Vancouver: Pub (night) at the Hub

A group of nine young adults from the Greater Vancouver Area gathered together at the Hub Restaurant in New Westminster. We shared some appetizers, drinks, and personal stories that ranged from cancer diagnoses to parking mishaps.

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YACC values heart

Angie wanted to shine a spotlight on our COO, Dawn Bishop, who’s a little more behind the scenes but deserves a HUGE shout out for the heart she puts into the organization.

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Thank you, Courtney and Jenna!

By Lesley Morrissey New starts are always a mixed bag of emotions for me. I, like most people, do not love change, especially when this change means two of my…

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YACC values courage

Our young adults connect with YACC because they know and feel it’s the right path. It’s tough as they come and they open up and often connect with others just like them and their friends sometimes die. But they keep coming back because they also believe in YACC and the power of the community.They call upon their courage and we are there to give them ours. 

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