Big Cancer Hook-up partners help bring 163 people to the YACC community

One night, 150 lives changed!

By Lesley Morrissey Each year, YACC’s Big Cancer Hook-up helps us reach new patients/survivors who are now connected to our huge, supportive community — and this year’s event was the…

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Big Cancer Hook-up 2019 FAQs

With hundreds of participants, it can sometimes take Lesley a little while to get back to everyone with program-related questions. To make this easier, she has created a very extensive FAQ page that should be able to answer almost any questions you may have.

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YACC values courage

Our young adults connect with YACC because they know and feel it’s the right path. It’s tough as they come and they open up and often connect with others just like them and their friends sometimes die. But they keep coming back because they also believe in YACC and the power of the community.They call upon their courage and we are there to give them ours. 

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Recapping the 2016 Big Cancer Hook-up

YACC held its third Big Cancer Hook-up on February 27, 2016! It was another awesome show, which was made even better by our amazing guests! Julie, Justin, Matt, and Emily shared their stories to a captivated national audience of young adult cancer patients/survivors, supporters, and health professionals.

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Big Cancer Hook-up special guest: Matt Ralph

The 3rd Big Cancer Hook-up will air on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.! These profiles will help you learn a little more about the guests who will join us this year, like Matt!

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