My fertility story: Part one

YAC Prime: Fertility options

The YAC Prime Study found that only half of patients discussed fertility with their medical team, and only 13 per cent went through any type of fertility preserving procedure.

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A good news fertility story

“I did not expect my last round of IVF to work, and just wanted to get it over with, use up our last embryos, and move on with our life as a couple. I was shocked when I got the positive pregnancy test.”

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May’s topic is huge

This is going to be a big month around here. We’re talking fertility and all that comes along with it: parenting with and after cancer, fertility options, and infertility.

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YACCtivist Heather accepts a hard truth

What if I could have another baby? What if there is the perfect child out there for me that on some higher level whom I am meant to adopt. What if? I have been so afraid of giving up, so I felt I needed to put in every effort possible to try and see where these options could lead me.

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Heather’s blog: No children, no choice

I’m realizing that even when you are given the definite answer that you will never have children, there is an unrelenting sense of loss and grief over what cancer has taken from you, and the path you will now never get to explore. The best part is, with the voices and stories I have heard in the past month from my fellow YACCers, I know that I am not alone, and you all have my back!

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