#BeCauseYACC: Let’s gaze into my crystal ball

#BeCauseYACC: The new wave of support programs

The web is most often the first point of contact, and the next step in connecting with our community used to be a four-day retreat, adventure, or conference. It is a huge leap with a ton of risks, and it’s a wonder anyone comes!

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#BeCauseYACC: Here’s where the fun begins

Starting YACC was largely driven by three factors; my desire to use my experience to help others, my need to process what I had just experienced by doing something with it and my reality that I likely wouldn’t get the next 60 years to make my impact. I had to make an impact now and hopefully I could build something that would outlive me.

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#BeCauseYACC: Let’s get this party started

Back in 1998, when I was 22 years old, I had just graduated from university and was starting the rest of my life when I passed out in the middle of a party. Three days later, I was diagnosed with leukemia.

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“I accept challenge almost automatically; denial is just a river in Egypt for me. I knew my diagnosis could kill me, but processing Darryl’s death sparked another level of processing my own.”

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Chasing Geoff Stirling

For some the chase is what drives them, but for me, catching Geoff Stirling was 100 times more incredible.

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Here for the holidays

It has been 15 years since Geoff’s first holiday season with cancer, and we wanted to share the moment with you via this blog post originally posted in December 2009.

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I want to hook you up

“I have too many friends.” “Everyone around me totally gets what I’m going through; it really pisses me off.” “I love that I’m so isolated from people who relate to my challenges.”

Said no one ever.

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