10 years, 10 thank yous


The further away from my treatment I get, the less I acknowledge, or even remember, so many dates that were so significant once upon a time. Like the day I…

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Imagine choosing to die

My good scare in the fall prompted me to think about the possibility of a relapse and the reality of dying.

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Good scare

My most recent scare gets the label of “good” for highlighting a transition I have made from fear to confident awareness.

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My hockey stick is handy but not yet needed

The aches in my lower back and my left hip—where I’ve had many a needle sent in to retrieve bone marrow—is the host of my pain that has prompted my return to the healthcare system “for further investigation.”

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Update from the new Calgary office

We at YACC are honoured to be here, and to borrow a word from Mike, we are “stoked” to be launching our West Coast presence here in Calgary.

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