Eleven years as a survivor, eleven lessons learned

Movie of my life?

It would be a pretty nice boost to our communications efforts in 2010 if it aired next year! Good vibes are flowing.

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The bike will be my blood test

It may not show the nuances of my blood but I’m confident that it will give me all the feedback I need to know about which direction my health is going.

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“The revolution is coming”

My view is that Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) is well positioned to be one mechanism for survivors to connect with a care plan, create it, and get support as they implement it–live it, so to speak.

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RTC grows up, starts to YACC

This new expanded vision has its roots firmly planted where they have always been but we felt our brand needed some “reconstructive surgery,”

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Young adults with cancer: The forgotten generation

Last week was a great week for young adults with cancer in Canada. Nothing concrete has changed, no new treatment or major shifts in priorities, but the major issues surrounding young adults and cancer have been given some big-time profile.

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