Localife Ottawa: Snow and ice and oh-so nice

Localife Ottawa: Roasting marshmallows

We may have had a smaller turnout for our November 5 bonfire than we originally planned, but we had a wonderful evening at our second Localife event of the 2016-17 season!

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Localife Ottawa vs. the Ottawa Senators

Localife Ottawa is always trying to surprise our Localifers with new events. This year was no exception as we carefully planned our budget to be able to take ten survivors to an NHL game!

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Localife Ottawa: Cool walks

On October 25, 2015, Localife Ottawa went on a hike in Gatineau Park along the Pink Lake Trail.

Though the weather seemed cold at first, it was actually perfect for a hike, and we got to enjoy all of the wonderful colours of the fall leaves.

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Localife Ottawa: It’s (probably) not what you’re thinking

Though many questioned this event as the one to start off our Localife season (it was a very polarizing activity), all those who attended thought it was great. It was a perfect way to set the tone for the rest of the activities we have planned this season.

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Localife Ottawa: Hot hikes

It was our last event of the 2014/2015 year, so we told you to take a hike — and you listened! A group of adventurous Ottawa Localifers woke up bright…

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