Localife Vancouver: The Lost Souls of Gastown walking tour

Localife Ottawa spends a night at the museum

It was both humbling and exhilarating to be surrounded by the most impressive nature — ancient fossils that have survived through the ages, rare beautiful rocks, and so many other gifts of nature.

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Localife Vancouver spends a day at WildPlay

Localife Vancouver hosted an action-packed, adrenaline-filled, terrifying-yet-accomplishing afternoon in Maple Ridge! Nine of us met at WildPlay Element Park to climb, zip, jump, and swing on their treetop adventure course….

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Localife Winnipeg escaped!

On July 30, our crew met up for a snack while we tried to strategize our great escapes. There were a lot of laughs and for a group dealing with…

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Localife Edmonton GTFO

Localife Edmonton hit up GTFO Escape Entertainment on July 21, 2019 for an afternoon of solving mysteries, clues, and working together to pull off the greatest bank heist ever. Though the treasures where not real, the memories and laughter were. 

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