Localife Ottawa: Sugar shack, baby

Localife Ottawa does Winterlude

We looked at the ice sculptures and checked out some of the neat little wood huts around the grounds. Some people tried adding coloured ice blocks to premade sculptures, and others went and checked out wooden toys and maple taffy.

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Localife Ottawa: From Tobogganing to Lonestar

Localife Ottawa had planned to go Mooney’s Bay Park for an afternoon of tobogganing on the hill. Unfortunately, for the whole week prior, the temperature had been yo-yoing up and down due to the polar vortex and many of our group came down with the flu.

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Localife Edmonton: A sleigh ride revisited

Frigid weather ruined Localife Edmonton’s plans for a sleigh ride, but as Dan writes, “…as you learn when going through cancer, many times things are out of your control, and you have to adapt to the new scenarios as they are thrown at you.”

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