Planning for the future when the future is uncertain

Moving forward

Jenn recently accepted the sense of “normalcy” she felt three years ago is gone, but she’s pretty happy with where she finds herself today.

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A letter to my past self

Dear Kayla, it’s me, your future self. I wanted to write you a letter to tell you some things that you need to know.

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Stem cell transplant: The harvest

Part of my recovery is acknowledging that I had cancer and that my life will forever be a little different. I need to talk about it, to connect and to share my experiences.

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Survivors’ guilt

As cliche as it sounds, the road ahead is rocky AF but I’ve got my hiking boots on and am ready to conquer. 

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We love stories like these!

We are so inspired by Robin’s public transformation that we wanted to share a couple of our favourite posts with you. Make sure to head over and read more about Robin’s experience with lymphoma.

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Heather’s blog: Moving on from cancer

Fourteen years ago I moved to Scotland, and I climbed a mountain. When I got to the top of that mountain, I threw my arms in the air and yelled, “Alba gu brath!” (Scotland Forever). That climb came after a very difficult period of my life, and it was so much more than a 19 year old girl climbing a mountain as part of the backpacker’s tour she was on.

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