New year, same practice, strong mindset

How cancer impacted my holiday season

“The kids won’t remember if I don’t bake everything that I had planned or if we don’t always go to see the Holiday Train or Santa Claus parade. The gingerbread houses didn’t need to turn out perfectly. I looked for the parts of the traditional activities and gatherings that I could adjust to make it a bit more manageable.”

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Christmas with cancer

“All we hear is how quickly time flies by and to enjoy every second we have with our little ones, and now this disease was taking away another memory from my family that I’ll never get back.”

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Constructive therapy

“Every time I did another project in this group, I was feeling lighter, happier, and calmer. I was able to let out my emotions without having to use words or trying to making others understand.”

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Lessons for living in limbo

Janelle’s first post in the private YACC Facebook group asked community members for advice on how to feel like she was living while dealing with cancer. In her latest blog post, she reflects on some of those suggestions, and adds a new one of her own.

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What being a YACCtivist did for me

“When the opportunity came up a couple of years ago to be a YACCtivist, I was ready to focus energy on something else now that I felt I was on the mend.”

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What the fog?

In her final YACCtivist blog post, Ashley writes about the top five habits that are helping her move beyond cancer.

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