Thank you, Jody; you are a superhero!

Thank you, Jody; you are a superhero!

By Lesley Morrissey

Localife St. John’s would like to thank our awesome leader Jody Mason for all of the work he has done within our community over the last year. Jody has been involved with YACC for many years and last year he took his Localife engagement further and jumped in to become Kathy’s partner in crime. Jody and Kathy have built Localife St. John’s into a fun, supportive group, however, Jody is now stepping away from this role to focus on his own health.

Jody, you are loved — more than you know. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jody for many, many years. He was my “first friend” when I started my first business class at Memorial University. I remember sitting in class, looking around (a little nervously), and then feeling a tap on my shoulder from behind. When I looked up, I was greeted with, “Hey, how’s it going? I’m Jody.” From then on, I knew he was special.

Jody, you took this welcoming, happy side with you to all Localife events. You made it easy for people to walk into a room of strangers and still feel like they had a friend. You did that for me (almost 20 years ago!), and you continue to do it for your cancer buddies. For that we are so thankful.

Localife St. John’s will miss you at the helm of the ship, but we are grateful for all you have done over this past year!


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