Top 10 pages for 2019

Top 10 pages for 2019

Inspired by the end of year recaps we’ve been seeing all over the internet, we compiled the 10 most-read pages on our site this year, and it’s really cool to see most of our visitors are looking for more information on our programs and the YACC community. Scan through to learn more about YACC, or to see if there’s a section of our site you didn’t know about before!


It makes sense that the most visited page is our home page. From there, you can find info on our programs, read the latest news, and scope out the latest fund development events. It’s truly a hub for all things YACC!


Retreat Yourself was the first national program we ever held back in 2005, and it’s cool to see there’s still so much interest for it. In March 2020, 26 young adults dealing with cancer will meet up in Paris, ON for four days of connection, reflection, and growth. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to see when registration opens for the next one!


Survivor Conference: 20/20 is taking place in Winnipeg, MB from May 21-25, 2020! This year, 120 participants will gather to enjoy workshops, keynote speakers, and community-building activities to help them feel prepared to move forward in life. There will be participants who were newly diagnosed, some living with metastatic cancer, supporters, and some who were diagnosed years ago and still come back every year to check in. A former participant said it best when he said, “361 days a year, I’m happy to be the husband, the father, the teacher. Four days a year, I need to be the cancer survivor.” We get it.


The Big Cancer Hook-up webcast is our next event, taking place on January 25, 2020. Groups of young adults adults affected by cancer will meet up in Calgary, Edmonton, Fredericton, Halifax, Ottawa, Red Deer, St. John’s, Sudbury, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg to watch the show and hang out. Hundreds of other YACCers, supporters, and health professionals will watch from the comfort of their own homes, and everyone will have the ability to chat in real time in the comments section! Are you interested? Register now!


The YACC Community section is a hub for all of the YACCer-generated content on the site, such as profiles, community stories, YACCtivist blogs, and more!


New to YACC? This is the page for you. Watch a welcome video from executive director Geoff Eaton and program director Karine Chalifour, get the skinny on what we do, and enter your info so community engagement manager Lesley Morrissey can get back to you with ways you can connect!


The profiles section accounted for 21 per cent of this year’s traffic. We’ve heard countless stories of how much time people spend on this section of the site, grateful for the sense of feeling understood by people they’ve never even met. (P.S. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in submitting your profile!)


Retreat Yourself Adventure is the trip of a lifetime, providing young adults affected by cancer with a chance to visit Gros Morne, NL, one of the most beautiful parts of a beautiful province (we might be biased) where they will conquer literal and figurative mountains. Sign up for Up To Here, our monthly newsletter, to get registration updates!


Localife is a casual, peer-led program held in eight cities across Canada allowing young adults dealing with cancer to build supportive communities in their own backyards. Activities include everything from low-key wing nights to day-long adventure park excursions. While there’s not a typical “support group” vibe, there’s definitely a sense of connection and camaraderie that extends beyond the event.


The YAC Prime Study is the largest study on how cancer truly affects your life when you’re diagnosed in your late teens, 20s, or 30s. The research team is comprised of dynamite health professionals and researchers who are dedicated to mining the data from over 622 participants to learn how life is different, what YACC can do about it, and other systemic changes we need to make. Be prepared to hear about this one for quite a while!

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