Touch Yourself, Trust Yourself realigned

Touch Yourself, Trust Yourself realigned

Realign, not redesign.

Touch Yourself, Trust Yourself launched a year and a half ago with a bold mission for self-exams, and the website sought to support that mission to deliver the program.

Six months ago, we started looking at taking Touch Yourself, Trust Yourself to the next level, and a big part of that started at the website. Looking at the numbers, the website wasn’t the success we had hoped it would be. The tell-a-friend feature wasn’t used by many people, and most were confused by the fact that you needed to enter your own email address as well as your friend’s. Given the state of spam on the internet, that was a real requirement.

So, we’ve removed it. And, we’ve removed the order-a-hangercard from the footer. (You can still order a hanger card on the Do it! or Watch it! pages). Instead there’s only one action on the footer: a signup for our monthly reminder to Touch Yourself (and Trust Yourself!). It’s the most important outcome for the Touch Yourself, Trust Yourself website for individuals and our hope is that this redesign will significantly increase the number of people who will sign up for reminders.

The other thing you’ll notice is that the website design hasn’t really changed. We’ve only tweaked it a little bit. The idea here is to take Cameron Moll’s advice to heart: to realign, not redesign. We plan on doing the same thing with the copy in a few months and, maybe some more improvements again a while after that.

Each time we’re hoping to make some real improvements, but, being sure to learn along the way from our mistakes and make the improvements incremental rather than revolutionary.

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