Trust: “It’s a great cause” (Part 1)

Trust: “It’s a great cause” (Part 1)

When we ask people why they Shave for the Brave, Climb Signal Hill, Chase the Ace, or take part in any initiatives geared toward helping YACC, we’re often told, “it’s a great cause.”

We agree, but the truth is almost all of the 85,000 charities in Canada are great causes. And these causes are run by people at least as good as you and me. They often do big work with little resources, little fanfare, and big gaps in pay compared to their government and private sector buddies.

It’s these causes, these people, who are engaged in raising more than $10B (with a “B”) for their respective organizations.

I’m one of those people who is engaged, raising funds for an organization. It’s the biggest part of my job, and one of the toughest. I love the challenge, and feel great about the way we have engaged with the community, schools, kids, companies, and bigger donors. Nevertheless, the past two years have been an intense struggle on the revenue side of YACC unlike anything I’ve experienced in my almost 17 years in the charitable sector.

It’s striking how often I hear “it’s a great cause” in relation to YACC or almost any other charity. I believe this comes from people’s optimism and faith in humanity. We want to believe that every charity is a “great cause”; in fact, 79 per cent of Canadians trust charities (Talking About Charities 2013). I’m not sure where we’d be without that trust.

We are excited to share our annual report for our 2015-16 year. It was a year of continued impact on young adults facing the end of their lives just as they’re starting. It was a year of pressure and intensity. It was a year we finished stronger than we started. It was a year that saw revenue drop by eight per cent.

We remain grateful for the support from our donors, volunteers, and YACC champions of all kinds. We only have their backs because you have ours. Thank you.


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